Monday, 27 July 2015

Automated Holiday + Campaign Over

"Automated Holiday", is how I describe last week.

My brain decided on to give up with work, and go on a relaxing spree.
It was nice, but bad to angry times after relaxing.

I felt forced to do what I needed to do, especially not realising I had other things to do. It made me angry.

But right now, as I wrote this out (before posting), I would not have written, blogged and drawn anything last week.

So, it feels more settled now (to do things).

Thanks brain.

Plus, the campaign:
Surprise Further-Ed Gift [Link]

Has ended. Thank you to anyone who supported it.

Managed to raise $0.00.
But, I will always try again soon.

Next campaign is:
Stop Cancer In Its Tracks III
In memory of, Aunty P. 

Take care, and feel free to share if you've ever had these times, when your brain gives you a break.

Enjoy Reading!
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