Wednesday, 17 June 2015

MIA: Where Have I Been?

*MIA (Missing In Action) - reminds me of soldiers. Hope they still will be found.

Well, I've been absent. Why...?
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I got my lower and upper left wisdom teeth removed. Hurrah - dry reaction.

For thoughts who don't know. Within near last year and this year, my lower left wisdom tooth has been giving me trouble.

It got impacted. This means is was growing at a angle/diagonal upwards. Painful...!

So, last Monday was my operation day. Don't worry, however it hasn't settled yet.

The surgery went fine. People were fine. People who also had surgeries on that day were friendly. And the food tasted so good.

Talking food, it's sooo hard to eat. I missed my fav foods. Plus, I missed my toothbrush a lot.
I could hug it.

*Idea: My Food Favs.
Any thoughts?

So, what have I been doing in "recovery mode".

I've been designing. 

I'll be showcasing designs hopefully. This is because from inspiration, and settling a decision.

So, please feel free to say what you would like to see. If I got it, you'll get to see it.

Take care always.

Plus, if you'd like to know before and after my procedure (wisdom teeth removal), I'll gladly do posts on it.

*I've been iffying and butting with this post. Takes the strength out of me (recovery mode still on).

Take care again
P.s - 
* = Inner thoughts/now thoughts

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