Friday, 15 May 2015


I've been willing to do this post, from the day I wrote 'Sing?' to do as a blog post.


The blog post is about wanting to get my videos to be heard or seen, whether someone was blind or deaf.

It would feature a voice over, talking about the subject of the video.

Aiming mostly at the blind (most constant in my thought), they may be able to understand my videos too. (Help from support?)


For the deaf, I would hope captions would work, I would have to discover how it is done.

Plus, to call it 'Sing?', reminded me of My Chemical Romance - Sing. For sure, to name this blog post as a kind of sing, for encouragement.

* Whether you're into band music or not, most of the lyrics are catchy and so correct.


So, if I were to talk over my videos, I found when I listen to music, I can talk more openly.
I was glad to see the 'Educating...' on C4, to see I wasn't the only one. Although they had stuttering (they did truly well).

Do you think this shall be good to do for the deaf/blind? What are your thoughts? Any ideas?

Thank you for reading.
Take care.

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