Thursday, 2 April 2015


Started: (16/03/2015)

I love music, but not just any music. My playlist consist of movie ost (original soundtrack), ad music + program music.

This is one of my loves, because it can be different from music today.

Also, I'm into free music on YouTube, music on SoundCloud and music I hear, maybe from restaurants and shops.

It may sound weird, but I love music to discover different type of sounds.

Myspace used to help a lot - (it's not working well when I try to view it) - , by discovering new artists to creating your own music list (playlist).

So, this is an insight to my music loves.

Hope you discover yours too.

Take care viewers and readers,

P.s - later on, there's another instalment of Living, Writing + Posting. Feel free to follow this blog for updates, and other sites. Thank you.

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