Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Feeling Like A Child...

This came to my mind today.

There are some situations, where I feel like I need to 'consult' with someone.
My days my mind doesn't feel right.

When I'm faced with something I haven't experienced before, my mind just races and thinks of so many actions, that by time, sometimes it's too late.

I've had light situations and bad situations by this. Result is 'mind blowing' sometimes. Because, let's say a lie formed (overhear) to allow a cover up.
I'm not pleased, and still to this day it feels like the answer was told, but the evidence is still 'heard'.... 
I'm a mystery, don't worry.

Plus, an example - sorry none religious believers - I was thinking of prayer time at church.
What if the Pester asks me to do a prayer...?

All that ran through my mind was:
1. Oh no, oh no, oh no...
2. Walking out the door
3. Asking someone else to say my prayer (my voice is not high, and this is where my child thing comes into place)
4. My anxiety and excuses coming out my mouth...

These are all nonsense (my thought).

However...my solution if this time ever happens...is to think of a prayer I already have.

I pray each day (when I remember truly) - I plan to do a post of believing and not believing soon - and, that's what I would do for a prayer, for everyone.

I pray for everything, and everyone. No matter how or what the things may be. Good or bad.

Learning curve.

If you're a none believer, then I don't mind. Anyone who's good or bad, I don't mind. It's how we see and act with people, whether we have a religion or not.
I don't mind.

I'm not a judge, and it's not my place to. So, I leave it (when my mouth doesn't run miles per hour - MY MOUTH is terrible with stories, I try to stop, but it keeps going

- like this).

Anyway, take care viewers and readers. Feel free to place your opinions and thoughts.

I really like to read them. It allows me to learn too.

P.s - later there is another installment of Living, Writing + Posting. A little heads up. Take care once more.

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