Monday, 16 March 2015

Them Times

(From 07/02/2015)

I have a few things to blog about...

1. From 400+ to 600+ viewers, within a month *shocked face*. I'm so thankful to you viewers and readers. You're super awesome. Love out all for yous. *sneaky...share it out, comment and follow. Ha!

2. Lists and lists of things come into my head, but may not make it on to this blog. It depends on internet access and whether I have a book to hand. It helps.

3. I truly miss reading blogs people. I read in my own time and these days, like every new years, goes so fast.

4. I'm in the process of getting things sorted. Mainly my health, as I've said previous. New readers, I'm having toothaches (wisdom tooth), battling headaches (migraines) and I have depression. Yes, 'mental' but illness as they say.

5. Update, goes with the one before this. My wisdom tooth is growing at an angle, so it causes me pain. However, this tooth is damaging the tooth in front of it. Gruesome, hey...? So, serious a side I'm preparing myself with help and support for other pain to come.
I'll keep you all updated.

So, for more please feel free comment, or look at followers to communities, and I hope you all enjoy your days.

Take care,
Posting V Projects

p.s. - recent update: Feel free to view. (It's of the dA print shop). Bies for now.

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