Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Losing Myself...

Twice today, I tried to doing my work, but my headache and willing to do anything, got stopped by my mentally.

I have a problem where, if I start thinking of ways around something, I get a headache. Even when I still can't understand what ever it may be.
It's concentration and focus that I can struggle with.

Mentally on top of that, overshadows my thoughts and I feel like "I may lose it".
With this, if I don't stop what I'm trying to do I start to cry, gwt frustrated and may feel hopeless at times. Plus, trying to take a breath.
Sometimes my breathing is horrible, because I know my panic or anxiety is coming up.

Although, I don't know the difference of public work and my own work, but they get so different (sometimes reversed) in many ways. With publicly working, I do my work fine to enjoy and try my hardest. With my work, I get effected and it could be something simple I'm doing. It's confusing to think why it happens.

I can say I was willing (after 10am - trying to keep up with my blog), to do a post of 'Spec-tacular' - a early post, then after 5pm because I haven't posted it in a while. However, my mind couldn't get around setting it up and my head, was becoming less manageable to deal with.

I stopped at this, and chilled for a while. Until now, I was willing - after 5pm... - same thing happened. My mind is so fuzzy, and to include, my headaches make me dizzy and unbalanced.

So, I do this post instead from what I wanted to do. Guess it's not a bail out to my blog. I really love updating it and sharing with anyone who views or reads it.

I could give up on that sort of blogging (feature blogs), but I would like to share what I would have done.

If anything, the feature is up on keelo15.deviantart.com, which is my artist page (I'm really struggling to "tap" these words...).

But, I always feel bad after when it's my work or any work at all, that I can't do straight away.

Through this, the doctor knows my symptoms, and it's a thing to try and get through what I can. Plus, they said and I found out, it's a common problem to have this sort of health.

I don't know what else I wanted to say, or include, but I always want to keep things posted. What ever reason.

Sharing lifestyle things, may just help with so many cases to one thing.

Take care readers + viewers,
Thank you.
Still the greatest that I can say, through helpful times.

...sorry for the random schedule.

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