Saturday, 21 February 2015

Got To Do

The Blog
*I did this blog post before Christmas. This is returning back to it, plus with updates.

1. The background.
For my wish list, is a computer. Tech is my favourite, when it goes faulty.... It can't be helped, but it stops most things.

Solution: find another alternative. Plus, it shouldn't stop things that could be done.

3. Drawings.
Spectacular is back. If you may have seen, I've featured drawings. I love to do them. This is another piece as an evening dress, with sewn coloured panels.

More Artwork At:

4. Health.
I said this over on My health is fine than before. Very thank ful for it to settle. Half way there.

5. Mega most for Christmas coming.... Love the jumpers, plus the Christmassy clothing this year (2014). Love the knits. Very creative.

[Text graphic made on:]

Anyway, that's all.
Take care + may posts come along soon.

P.s - it featured look of the blog + having trouble updating the blog**

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