Friday, 12 December 2014

YouTube Addic-tor + Creativity

Ever since going to the library and using what they have, I've been viewing what they have on YouTube and getting updates on many things I like.

Nowadays I'm getting into YouTube and it's the first thing I go onto just to relax or willing to watch or do something in my free time.

If anything, favourites on my auto share for YouTube go onto my twitter page: @Pukka01,
 so you'll be able to see what I watch.

As this is the "first" post after the 'Welcome!' post, it should have been an intro to all the posts and projects I've been doing.

(I wanted to do this one, ssh....)

They'll be coming pretty soon.
All set now, now just imagery.

You'll be able to see what imagery I am posting, by viewing them on:

*Some art on there are copyright protected, so please ask the artist firstly for use.

This is going to be an all rounder start, so bare with me.

First thing...changing the view of my blog due to customizing I love to do. And since as this blog is an 'open all access', you will in time, get to see the crafts I also do

*craft artwork, doesn't have a name yet. Feel free to give an all-rounder unique name for this if so.

Few examples are on:

(My favourite graphic I have done is, 

*artist name(s) keelo15/NeeksNeeks/N. Dylan's + Co. It's hard to change the names....

For Tips:
By viewing names, either on search engines or out on your whereabouts, you will get to see whether the names have already been used.


In future, I may sell the names. But for now, we'll see with them and what all this could achieve.

By stevemcqueen237

*If you would like to help create these projects or posts into a reality, please feel free to contact:

Take care and enjoy,


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