Friday, 9 January 2015

What Inspires Me...

Heys again

Thought I'd do a post on what inspires me.

If you have seen my artist page and few logos, then you'll have seen my artwork I do.

If not, please view:

So, what inspires me the most:

1. Media - for them to do it in a short time, is creatively genius

people by nikohapa

2. People - viewing others work and getting suggestions, is a big help

3. Books - with imaginations and some imagery (like photography), the published or even created book for me helps less creators block

4. Life - going outdoors or viewing different things about nature

5. Poems + Creative Writing - could be books, but writing my own or viewing others gives me a boost

6. Past work - work that I've done in primary school and secondary school. Plus, in my spare time.

These are my inspirations, and this is what makes my work possible.

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