Wednesday, 17 December 2014


Is Not Dead.

With the development of new technology, is can be hard to keep up (why would you want to...?).

By this, it means Spec-tacular, -  I call it Pr4 (Project 4) - it could either enter into the 21st century, of now. Or, it could go back to square one...being an illustrated magazine/leaflet.

Sets to reveal from now.

"coming from a far"
By NB2

Upcoming, hopefully will be the new year posts due to Christmas being near next week. (Bad of me not to showcase what was made in the months).

It would be a blessing, possibly to show you all collection. However there's an image somewhere so never fear, OK?
(Image above)

If you would like more posts for designs, selections of the collection or just blog posts, maybe even suggestions...?

Your feedback is very much appreciated.

So thank you, and feel free to view more soon.

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